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NY Times Bestseller : Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche's best speech on innovation and change


If you have 30 minutes to spare, this following keynote with Jeremy Gutsche of Trendhunter is exceptionally inspiring.  Jeremy has 3+ hours of innovation keynote speaker videos on Youtube, summarizing his lessons from helping 600 brands, billionaires, CEOs and NASA in their endeavors to accelerate innovation and change.

This 30 minute segment is Disrupt or be Disrupted - an exciting keynote on disruptive innovation and future trends, explaining how disruption happens and how you can predict areas that are ripe for disruptive innovation using Trend Hunter's Top 18 Megatrends.

Better and Faster Jeremy Gutsche.jpg

Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche's best speech on innovation and change, exploring: how to innovate new ideas, how to create a culture of innovation and how to make innovation & change happen. This is Jeremy's highest ranked speech recorded live at Trend Hunter's epic Future Festival Innovation Conference.

This innovation keynote speech is a summary of Jeremy's next innovation book ("HOW TO WIN THE FUTURE") which explores how to innovate new ideas and how to spark innovation and change. The underlying message is that you have so much potential within your grasp, yet you are blinded by certain traps that impact all smart and successful people. If you can unlock those traps, you will better be more innovative, you will create a culture of innovation and creativity and you will be more likely to realize new levels of success. In short, you will learn to make innovation and change actually happen.

How to Make Innovation Trendhunter Jeremy Gutsche
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